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“Lightships, an identification mark at sea”. A lightship can be described as a floating lighthouse and its purpose is to allow seamen to pinpoint their position at sea at unseasonable hours, during mist and when visibility is poor.

Willem Wilmink’s poem captures the purpose of a lightship: lv pos

How do you know how to find your way at sea, captain?
How do you know where you should be?
Nowhere is a house to be found
Nowhere a city street where you should be tomorrow
How do you know where to go, captain?

At dusk, this characteristic beacon of light is visible from a distance. A nautophone (fog horn) sends penetrating sound signals during mist and when visibility is poor. A radio beacon sends a radio signal in Morse code which allows ships equipped with a direction finder to determine the position of the lightship. On board ships are nautical charts which show where lightships, lighthouses and other identification marks can be found, such as buoys and cairns, each with their own specific characteristics.

users Association Friends of the Lightship 12 NOORD HINDER

To support the activities of the Stichting Lichtship 12 Noord Hinder (Association of the Lightship Noord Hinder), this association was established on 26 February 2008..

The object of this association is to find funding in order to be able to expand the Lightship’s collection and to find a permanent berth where everything involving waterway marking can be shown.

The association is registered by the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce under the number 24431359.
Our association under the number 58 153 is also regarded by the Dutch tax collectors office as a publicly beneficial institution [Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)]. By fulfilling certain requirements gifts and donations are tax deductible.anbi logo

You can support these activities by becoming a friend and by contributing a minimum of € 25,00 a year. And for members of the Nederlandse Vuurtorenvereniging (the Dutch Lighthouse Association) and the Stichting Historie der Kustverlichting (the Historical Association of Coast Lighting) we ask for a minimum contribution of € 10,00.

In return for your contribution, you and your family have free access to the Lightship during opening hours, and you receive twice a year the newsletter “Lichtflitsen van de Noord Hinder”.


Vriendenpas 2014Please click here to become friend of the Noor Hinder. (Dutch)

Bank account Stichting Vrienden Lichtschip 12 Noord Hinder:
NL63 RABO 0115 8639 66

The characteristics of the Lightship 12 “Noord-Hinder”:


Length : 45,50 m    
Beem : 8,35 m    
Draft : 3,15 m    
Displacement : 510 ton    
Light frequency : 2 light signals every 10 seconds    Licht loop2
The nautophone : every 30 seconds 2 sound signals of 130 dB  
The radio beacon : the letters N H in Morse ( -. .... )  

Position in 1963




51 graden 39 minutes NB en 2 graden 34 minutes OL

51° 39' 00, 2° 34' 00


View this place on Google Maps


Current position : 51°49.230'N 4°07.910'E   View this place on Google Maps

RACON (Radar transponder)


2 stripes on a ship's radar screen m





For group tour appointments and information:
Telephone: +31 657 575 792

Visiting address:
Koningskade 4,
3221 CC Hellevoetsluis

Postal address:
Postbus 1014
3220 BA Hellevoetsluis
E-mail: info@noordhinder.nl

Opening times

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